Specialized Areas

We are a multidisciplinary law firm specialized in foreign investment in Spain and Spanish investments abroad.

We offer a wide range of services that adapt fully to your needs:

  • Advice on buying, selling and rental of real estate and business premises;
  • Any contracts for work and services;
  • We found branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies;
  • We advise and draw up all kinds of corporate events: purchase and sale of companies, statutory modifications, mergers and splits, dissolutions and liquidations.
  • We advise and prepare contracts for managers and executives and other employees as needed;
  • We elaborate general sale and delivery conditions;
  • Agency contracts, for distribution and representation
  • We monitor banking contracts, renting, leasing, mortgages, loans, credits contracts, as well as other contracts required by the company;
  • We give accounting and tax guidance, as well as advice in social insurance matters;
  • Guidance of financial and Interstate administration, as well as labour administration;
  • We also advise executives in all their personal needs, such as legal advice in the purchase and rental of real estate and in the raising legal-family relations and in getting their residence permits;
  • We also attend to procedural law in the areas of commercial law, civil law, administrative law, criminal business law, labour law and international private law, within the European Union and outside.
  • We also attend the administration of real estate and business premises.

We speak German, English, French, Spanish, Swedish and Catalan.

We are used to work with clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, England and France and other European countries.

We are a team of 15 persons, including lawyers, economists and accountants.

In summary, our working areas or activity fields are:

  • Civil law
  • Commercial law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Company law
  • Criminal business law
  • Private international law
  • Labour law
  • Civil and criminal procedure law
  • European community law
  • Execution of foreign judgements and titles in Spain
  • Foreign investments in Spain
  • Spanish investments abroad